Curtis Glatter

Curtis Glatter is an American composer, improviser and percussionist born on February 20, 1972. Glatter was raised in Dearborn Heights, Michigan and began performing at the age of eight. In 2000, Glatter graduated with a B.A. in Music Composition from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. In the past ten years, members of the Trummerflora Collective, Detroit Symphony, Pontiac Oakland Symphony and Camarada Ensemble have premiered his compositions. Glatter relocated to study in Vienna in 1999 and later the following year he cherished the opportunity to study at Carnegie Hall, NYC with host Pierre Boulez. He has studied composition as well as Classical and African percussion techniques at Henry Ford Community College, Interlochen Arts Academy and Oakland University thus affording him the luxury to utilize a wide variety of possibilities when composing and improvising. In the past 6 years, Glatter has been an invited guest to the 2009 Ann Arbor Mini-Makerfaire, Blank Slate Festival '09 (IND.) Earthfest09-Ann Arbor, Edgefest-Ann Arbor '08,'09 (MI.), Big Sur Experimental Music Festival (CA.), Spring Reverb 05, '08 and '09, and December Nights Concert at Balboa Park and a featured guest on WCBN, WKPBS, WHFR, KSDS as well as given lectures on music at Coronado School of the Arts and San Diego Community College. The list of collaborators and improvisers Glatter has collaborated with includes Story Teller Laura Reynor, Abby Alwin, James Cornish, The Dearborn Percussion Ensemble, Lisle Ellis, Hans Fjellestad, Marcos Fernandes, Emily Hay, Nathan Hubbard, Mike Khoury, Piotr Michalowski, James Cornish, Marko Navachcoff, Steve Goossen, Jason Robinson, Justin Grinnell, Jules Ryan, DJ Tenshun, Al Scholl, Ellen Weller, Will Sonderberg/Defenestra, Tracy McMullen, Mark Ephram (NYC Shorebirds), Detroit's Climax Divine (1995-2000) and Joscha Oetz. Glatter is currently an active member ASCAP, a member of the TRUMMERFLORA COLLECTIVE, Founder and Co-Artistic Director for the new music concert series NEW SOUNDS DOWNTOWN in San Diego, California, a composer/performer in the collaborative ensemble Glatter/Hubbard, an event coordinator for the Body/Mind/Spirit Wellness Center in Ann Arbor (MI.), a member of the James Cornish Large Ensemble, Found Object Orchestra Internationale, Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra and the splinter group Skeleton Key Percussion Ensemble, an affiliated member of the Center for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers and has written for the San Diego New Music Newsletter. Recordings of Glatter can also be found on the distinguished Circumvention Music Label, Accretions Records, White Rose, Bare Wire Records, Cohort Records and the Castor And Pollux Music record labels. Glatter's list of Instructors and Advisers include percussionists Nathan Hubbard (CA.), Keith Aleo (FLA.), Dan Maslanka (MI.), Dave Taylor (MI.), Keith Claeys (MI.), Mark Stone (MI.), Eric Shea (MI.) as well as composers Karl Boelter (NY.), Lettie Alston (MI.), Stanley Hollingsworth (MI.), Zae Munn (IN.), Jerry Fenwick (CA.), Carl Hammond (CA.) and Kent Martinez (MI.) ...for more information about Glatter go to www.youtube.com/glattercurtisav

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