Publishing and Distribution

formed in 1977 by Vinny Golia, Nine Winds Records is dedicated to New Jazz, Contemporary Classical, and Improvised music from the West Coast of North America.

Artist run independent music label.

A label for unruly oddities.

Swiss record label focused on improvised music

Amanita Records
Label, Distributor and Studio for free improv, noise, out-pop, abstract electronics and techno.

Amoeba Music
Online version of the Bay Area record shop.

Anomalous Records
Specializing in experimental, abstract, electroacoustic, soundscape, textural, sculptural, surreal, modern classical and other strange musics.

Aquarius Records
San Francisco music store that's old enough to drink.

Asian Improv
San Francisco based record label.

Label, publisher and organizer for experimental music.

AV-ART Records
Danish association for the promotion of improvised and related musics.

Barely Auditable
Artist-based creative music label.

Berkshire Record Outlet
Clearinghouse for close-outs and deletions from various music label catalogs.

Caipirinha Productions
An independent mix media art/culture company with activities in the fields of film, music, architecture and technology.

Castor and Pollux Music
Independent Music label.

Cavity Search Records
Eclectic label with over 40 releases of mostly experimental and improvised music.

CDe Music
Artist run store that provides direct-mail access to one of the most comprehensive collections of compact discs, books, videotapes, CD-ROMs, journals, software, theremins, even windchimes and other special items of electronic, instrumental and improvisational music.

Circumvention Music
Jason Robinson's jazz-oriented record label.

Online store of underground experimental, punk, pop, metal, noise...

Con Tempo
Dedicated to the diffusion of Italian music, distribution of records and scores, contemporary and classical.

Crammed Discs
Quality independent music label based in Belgium.

Creative Sources Recordings
Portuguese record label concentrating on experimental and electro-acoustic music.

Creative music label.

Cuneiform Records/Wayside Music
New music label and distributor.

Daft Alliance
San Francisco label that specializes in electronic/ambient music and prog.

Delta Lab
Vintage/retro recording studio in Copenhagen.

Demos Records
Italian new music distributor.

Downtown Music Gallery
New York store specialising in progressive rock psych avant-garde contemporary classical canterbury electronic ambient fee-jazz world klezmer folk blues.

Selection of improv and creative music from hard to find labels.

Drone Records
Based in Bremen and established by Stefan Knappe 1993 as a vinyl-only label, releasing 7' singles of international groups and artists from the wide area of experimental sound-creation.

ECM Records
Internationally distributed jazz and new music label.

Edgetone Records
The inner groove on the edge of tone. New music and books.

Edition Peters
200 year old music publisher.

Unadulterated new music label.

Enja Records
Independent music label and music publisher presenting straight ahead modern jazz, avantgarde jazz bordercrossing into contemporary classical music, world music, high quality funk/fusion, blues and latin music.

Entartete Kunst
Canadian label and experimental music producer.

Evander Music
An independent record label dedicated to the presentation of jazz and improvised music.

Label specializing in innovative contemporary musics from artists throughout the world.

Creative music recording, distribution, and publishing.

Fireant Records
Small new music label.

FMP (Free Music Production)
The prolific improvised music label and distributor in Berlin.

Forced Exposure
Independent new music label.

Frog Peak Music
Composers' collective devoted to publishing, recording, distributing, and making available experimental music and art by its members.

Hat Hut Records
Started in 1975, Hat Hut specialises in recording new music - jazz, contemporary classical, and uncategorisable sounds - and has particularly focused on musicians such as Anthony Braxton, Steve Lacy, Cecil Taylor, Joe McPhee and composers such as John Cage, Morton Feldman and Giacinto Scelsi.

Improvised Company
Improvised music publisher.

Incus Records
Derek Bailey's improvised music label.

The Infinite Sector Project
Artists collective and label for experimental music.

Intuitive Records
A Danish musician-run label releasing improvised music.

Koch International
Major independent music distributor.

Leo Records
Independent company producing original, innovative, improvisation-based new music.

Limited Sedition
A CD label that is dedicated to documenting improvised music in a spontaneous and timely fashion.

Listen Labs
An independent think-tank, record label, and production company.

Lou's Records
Music store with an excellent selection of contemporary classical, experimental, and improvised music recordings.

Lovely Music
Independent new music label.

Mabel's Music Shop
Diverse collection of small label offerings.

Platform for all kinds of infomation and communication carried via modern electronic media, whether it be a compact disc, MiniDisc, DVD, internet, video, live PA or a vinyl record release.

Mil Records
Tijuana based label featuring various electronic acts from Mexico.

Indie label purveying noise, experimental, gothic, spoken word and other

Mulatta Records
Record label that intends to bring you music both challenging and bizarre.

Music & Arts
Independent Jazz and Classical music label.

Music Stuff
Tour production for independent music and musicians.

New Albion Records
Dedicated to new and experimental music.

New Tertian Recordings
Record label focused on recording contemporary classical music.

New World Records
The Recorded Anthology of American Music whose mission is to record the music of American composers that would not otherwise be represented in the catalogues of the commercial recording companies.

no type
Noise and industrial electronic music distributor.

O.O. Discs
Independent disc company attempting to produce interesting and provocative sound art for your home.

Okka Disk
Jazz and improvised music label.

Old King Cole Productions
Label devoted to experimental/avant-garde music.

Optical Sound
French electronic and experimental music label.

Experimental, avant rock, noise art music label.

Ovenguard Music
Experimental music label and distributor.

Pax Recordings
San Francisco-based independent label dedicated to creative-improvised and experimental music.

Penumbra Music
Compact disc label based in southeastern Wisconsin dedicated to the documentation and distribution of creative and experimental music.

Plastic Factory
New music distributor.

Improvised music label.

Creative music label.

Pricilia Records
A CD-R label devoted to young improvisors and sound experimentalists.

Quinnah Records
Chicago-based improvised and experimental music label.

Racer Records
Independent record company specializing in intelligent rock, folk rock, experimental pop, and freeform jazz.

Random Acoustics
Creative music label.

Rastascan Records
Artist run improvised music label.

The Relay Project
A publication of sounds released on CD, it occupies the gap in your library between the records and the journals, swapping the sounds from one for the pages of the other.

Rocking Horse Records
Queensland's largest and oldest independent record store.

Improvised/creative/new music label.

A label for European improvised music, a spin-off of the Norwegian company NOR-CD.

Spectral House
Spectral House focuses on the publication of modern/experimental music, creating an enviroment to distribute recordings and scores via the internet.

Distributor that sells new & used improvisational, experimental, progressive, RIO and otherwise unusual musics.

Sublingual Records
Label exploring new territory in jazz, rock, and electronic music.

Outlet for all kinds of experimental musics.

Boston based production and recording of experimental and improvised music and presenter of the Autumn Uprising Festival.

The Artist Shop
Online music store dedicated to distributing the work of independent artists.

The Cadence Building Web
Creative improvised music journal, label, distributor, production studio, and more.

Tone Casualties
Label specializing in dark, atmospheric, cinematic, ambient/industrial music with a surreal twist.

John Zorn's record label.

Ultra Independent Recording Coalition (U.I.R.C.)
A point of distribution for musician run labels in the  San Francisco Bay Area (and beyond) sponsored and administered by Edgetone Records.

Distributor of alternative music culture.

Vision of Sound
An independent electroacoustic label in London

Whi Music
Dedicated to the improvised and experimental music scene in Liverpool.

Win Records
Independent label run by Devin Sarno and Tom Grimley.

WM Recordings
WM Recordings brings you music that is a little

Wobbly Rail Records
Label for improvised music and free jazz.

Foundation aimed at non-profit production and distribution of sound carrying mediums in the form of CD's.